Summer Waning--The Long Post to Catch Up

Where has the summer gone?  I posted back in May and now it will be August this week.  I feel like summer just started yet it's almost over.  Kids go back to school in the next 3 - 4 weeks.  I have spent my summer with friends and family.  Celebrating my mother's birthday (it was a big one, but we won't discuss which one).


Celebrating the wedding of one of my best friends in June.  What a fun weekend we had and the weather was perfect.  And just look at how happy my friend is....she has never been this happy and I am so grateful for it!



We took a quick trip to Disney to drop off a car and some other items.  We made the most of our day and a half in the parks (as always).  We want to do as much as we can and being AP Holders, we don't fret that we may miss something.

Then celebrating July 4th with my sister and her family at the pool.  My sister belongs to the neighborhood pool where we grew up.  Most of the members were members as kids, too, so they work hard at carrying on traditions.  You know, like the greased watermelon and the adult swim team race, and the adult biggest splash contest.

I've also been painting a lot.  You can see my work here.  I've been participating in the Doodle A Day challenges and trying different mediums.  I'm going to do watercolors in August--and they will be for sale on my Instagram (@lauriemendenhallart)

I have been sporadically checking in at Weight Watchers (by the way, this past weekend was ONE year on WW--I'm still 20 away from goal, but not giving up).  I haven't been counting diligently, nor have I reached my goal, but I have only gone up and down with 3 pounds and that is OKAY by me.



I started training for my next run, the Two Course Challenge at Run Disney's Wine and Dine weekend.  I'm running a 10K and a Half over two days.  Sounds easy enough, but my knees are already not pleased but my circuit training is building muscles and I am in the best shape I've been in years.



So, needless to say, the summer has been busy.  I'm not ready for the end of summer, but I am ready to get back to a normal schedule.  I also hope to get back on track with my WW and posting more often. We have a big fall planned and I'm also hoping at lease one of my submissions for an upcoming art show will be accepted.

How has your summer been?


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