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One Minute A Day Is ALL It Takes

I know I haven't talked skin care in a skinny minute, but this deal is just too good to pass up.  I love all the products I've tried with Rodan and Fields.  And I have tried ALL of the regimens and most of the enhancements (Last Boost it still my favorite, see Exhibit A).
What I have grown to love, and I didn't think I would, is the AMP MD Roller.  The idea of rolling my skin was not something I thought I would do.  I used it sporadically and loved how my skim responded, but I wasn't using it daily or even every other day.  So, one day, I decided it was time to give it a run on a regular schedule.  I had been using the Intensive Renewing Serum (ladies, if you are over 40, you need to be using a serum of some kind) and it was really giving me soft skin.  As I started to up my use of the roller, though, I started to notice this dewy complexion.  All of my skin care seemed to be amplified and one night last week, I found myself gawking at my skin in the mirror.  I thought…

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