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EggFast - To boil or To Scramble

This past week, Naren and I did an egg fast.  Apparently, something he heard about on his Keto YouTubes.  Typically used to break a plateau.  I have been consistently losing on WW, but I thought, a couple of days of eggs might be good for me.  That, or make me crazy.

Tuesday, I worked from home, so I ate two hard boiled eggs with honey dijon mustard for breakfast.  For those curious of my schedule with Plexus, it goes like this:
6 am -- up and take my ProBioDrink Coffee, etc until time to leave for work.8 - 9am -- take vitamins and any prescriptions.10 am -- drink Slim10:30 am -- eat breakfast12 noon --  eat lunch3 pm -- take 2 Biocleanse5- 6 pm -- dinnerBedtime -- 2 Bio Cleanse For lunch I had two scrambled eggs.  Not as yummy as the hard boiled eggs--I love mustard and could put it on anything.  The rest of day I drank as much water as possible.  I've been slacking off since it got cold outside.  Drinking water keeps me hydrated and cool....or lately....cold.

Dinner was more of t…

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